episode ten | ali norman

Published 19 mar 2019

Ali Nomran,  Homegrown , intaglio, 2017, 12 x 9 inches

Ali Nomran, Homegrown, intaglio, 2017, 12 x 9 inches

EPISODE ten | ali norman

In this episode of pine|copper|lime Miranda speaks with Ali Norman --printmaker, adjunct professor, boss lady-- and things get a little witchy. Ali talks about the ritual magic of printmaking, its connection to alchemy and imbuing her plates with intention and the light of the full moon. Through the physicality of her print practice she feels a connection to the earth from which the copper was pulled and those printmakers who laboured over the limestones before her. All of this and more, including how her own litho studio fell into her life just last week, is found in this episode.