Episode Sixteen | Marco Sánchez

Published 12 june 2019

Migracion Protegida , linocut, 30 x 22 inches

Migracion Protegida, linocut, 30 x 22 inches

Episode Sixteen | Marco Sanchez

In this episode of pine|copper|lime Miranda speaks with Marco Sánchez about growing up on the Juarez / El Paso border, moving from his home to a small town in Pennsylvania, taking advice and inspiration from his artist grandfather, and representing his cultural identity through drawing on the incredible history of post-revolution Mexican printmakers. Sánchez also talks about the changing politics of what it means to be Lantix in the United States within his lifetime and how the current administration’s immigration policies have affected his life and work. As well as the complex and on going process of decolonizing his aesthetic. This episode of the podcast will be a double release, one in Spanish the other in English, made possible by my wonderful co-host this week Maya Verdugo and extra editing help by Judith Martinez Estrada.